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Mission – Rochun: Pay It Forward aims to empower young people to reach their highest potential accomplishments. The main focus is on helping the young people find a purpose in life to see there is so much more beyond the world they are now living in. In order to fulfill this mission, both online and offline libraries have been established along with weekly career and educational consultation services including mentoring sessions. It is just the beginning; Rochun: Pay It Forward invests on many more upcoming projects with different sets of goals and activities.

Vision – ‘Rochun: Pay It Forward’ aimed at providing access to educational resources and boosting the leadership skills of young people in Mizoram. The goals are not set to provide people with material possessions and money, but to grant resources, knowledge, and directions to help the young people become change makers on this planet.


  • Rochun: Pay It Forward plans to build libraries in every school in Mizoram, where almost all the schools, even the most prestigious ones, do not have libraries.
  • Rochun dreams to see the Mizo youth spreading around in the most renowned academic institutes in the whole world, and to gain academic and life achievements on international levels.
  • Rochun: Pay It Forward looks forward to provide scholarships and fundings to the deserved young people for further studies, conferences, and researches.
  • Rochun hopes to collaborate with many more like-minded individual parties and organizations worldwide to fulfill its mission and to influence many more people on this planet.

Alinery Lalngilneii Lianhlawng

Founder and Director

Alinery Lalngilneii Lianhlawng hailed from a tribal chief lineage in Sangau, a village town in Mizoram, India. Her grandfather was the last chief of her community which made her late father the last heir to the chieftainship. Even if the ruling of the tribal chiefs was abolished, he continued sowing inside her daughter a seed of innate strong responsibilities for her community’s development. Alinery grew up listening to all the stories and dreams her father visioned for his people. All these stories were not in vain: Alinery succeeded in bringing positive changes to her community and the people living around her. She excelled in her studies receiving international scholarships for her higher studies, conferences, and academic events. 

Every achievement she made, she used each one of them to inspire and pave ways for those children and young people who emerge from the same background with improper and limited resources. She has collaborated with different people and organizations to build online and offline libraries. She was invited to present papers and as speaker in many programs and events such as TEDx Talks, Asia Pacific Youth Exchange, International Development Forum, Tokyo, Japan; Harvard University, and World Literacy Summit at Oxford University to name a few. 

In memory of her father, who passed away in 2015, she founded  ‘Rochun: Pay It Forward’, where Rochun means ‘legacy’ in Mizo language, the legacy her father passed down to her and the future generations. It started off as a library project under Wedu construction project and now expanded into many schools within and outside of Mizoram state in India. She did not aim to provide people with material possessions and money, but to grant resources, knowledge, and directions to help the young people become change makers on this planet. Through this organization, she has been involved in pioneering projects to bring life changing platforms to Mizo young people.

Educational Qualification: Alinery earned a full scholarship to study Environmental Science and Development Studies as a minor subject in Asian University for Women in Chittagong, Bangladesh, an international university and the first liberal arts institution in South-East Asia. After winning the ‘International Female Leaders’ scholarship, she finished her MBA at the University of Sussex, United Kingdom.

Vittoria Zipoli Caiani  


Originally from Italy and currently based in Manila Philippines, Vittoria has lived in 6 different countries, thriving in the cultural deep dive and always looking for a way to make a positive societal contribution. Mother of 3 and enthusiastic about sports and wellbeing, Vittoria combines her wanderlust with ambitious sport’s challenges with a fundraising motivation.

Vittoria is a certified professional Co-Active® Coach CPCC from the Coaches Training Institute and a Professional Certified Coach PCC with the International Coach Federation ICF. Her focus is on personal development, inner alignment, mindfulness, leadership, cultural awareness and being comfortable with change and transitions. Her mission is to empower people to be catalysts for the change they want to see for themselves and the world.

Klaudia Lewonczyk


Klaudia throughout her studies have consistently challenged herself to break out of her academic and social comfort zones. Starting with the exchange program in India, she attended many international conferences in countries like China, Jordan, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. While her passion has always been to travel the world, her interest focuses on business, entrepreneurship, and leadership. She believes in always going the extra mile and dreaming big dreams.

Klaudia is a master in management graduate, she visited more than 50 countries but her bucket list is still growing.

Caroline Ward


Caroline Ward is a brand and marketing leader with 20+ years experience working with technology companies to grow their brand and deliver business results, currently driving marketing programs with a London-based cloud software provider offering Unified Comms as a Service.


Outside of work, Caroline sits on the Board of a couple of charities offering marketing, fundraising and strategic guidance to maximise opportunities for their growth and development;  as giving back to her community is in her DNA, she also supports her local Brownies unit and Air Cadets Squadron as well as participating in a number of mentoring programs for the Girls Day School Trust, Aspire Foundation for Equality and the University of Sussex Business School.  With two teenage boys and four cats, there is never a quiet moment.


Caroline has an MBA from the University of Sussex and holds a BA (Hons) in Languages and Politics from the University of Coventry.



Lalrinawmi was born in Phullen, Mizoram, India. Growing up in a rural area where life is simple and where academic resources are limited, she has been striving hard for proper education. Ever since she started her schooling until she graduated she was selected to be a scholar of many scholarships and schemes. She became IKEA and Abbott scholar for her undergraduate studies.

         She finished her bachelor degree of Biological Science in Asian University for Women, Chittagong, Bangladesh, an international university and the first liberal arts institution in South-East Asia. She has led and associated with non-profit organizations that work for animal welfare and educational rights for all the children. Her organizations delivered the first vaccination of street dogs in Chittagong in the history of Bangladesh, and their work was featured in local and national news reports and newspapers. Their projects also included raising funds to donate free books, giving free education, and establishing new study centers for the slum children.

         Believing that her purpose is to assist and offer her support to those who are going through the same conditions and hardships, she works diligently for the betterment of her community contributing for the opening and guidance towards educational and career opportunities of the children and youth in her community. Denying all the high salary job offers, she chose to work in her local mission school where the children who are from limited finance background attend English taught classes with free or subsidized tuition fees. She brought many changes to the school system and also to the mindset of her colleagues and students. She was appointed to be in charge of almost all of the school administration divisions besides her main job, which is teaching. Even when there was a belief that it was too heavy for one person, she always proved otherwise. She was hard working, dedicated, and fearless when it came to what is best for the children and the future of the community. She is striving to bring many more positive changes to her community and the planet.

Lalbiaknungi Ngente


Hailing from the beautiful hill state of Mizoram in north-east India, Lalbiaknungi Ngente (Biaki) was fortunate to have her education and upbringing in the public schools in Delhi and the famous hill stations in the country, thereby gaining enriching experiences in every city her studies took her.

She excelled in her studies right from kindergarten stage to her graduation. After earning her bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Delhi University, she finished her Masters in International Relations from Kings’s College London. In addition, she was awarded Certificate of Excellence for Climate Change Program COP21 by Centre for United Nations, New Delhi and the Certificate on Human Rights by the Delhi University. She is also the recipient of ‘Lalziki Award’ for her meritorious performance under the Mizoram Board of School Education.

Biaki took part in various activities at the University, National and International levels; such as Campus Ambassador for Opinia360, Walk of Life – Global Fight against Cancer, the KCL Student Action for Refugees (STAR), KCL Student Switch Off Ambassador and volunteered at Abbey Community Centre, Kilburn, amongst various other activities.

In 2016, she was member of the Mizoram state’s delegates to the Sustainable Mountain Development Summit, held at Leh, Ladakh. She also took part in the Asia Pacific Youth Exchange, Seoul, South Korea in 2019. After her post graduation from KCL, she volunteered as a teacher for one session with Myanmar refugee children in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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