Rochun - Pay It Forward

Building Libraries to support the communities

Believing that by education we can change the world, we are taking the first step by building a library in Mizoram, India.

We want to support young people in getting access to better education.


About Us

Our Mission

Rochun: Pay It Forward has been fulfilling its major goal that is to make academic and other kinds of books accessible to students from every corner in Mizoram by establishing a library, enhancement of existing and dysfunctional libraries through donation of large number of books and electronic devices, and by providing offline computer software that consists of all the important academic and non-academic resources.

Help With Donations

Taking further steps to achieve its mission opening up opportunities for academic and life changing platforms for the youth, Rochun: Pay It Forward offers funding to the selected delegates for Asia Pacific Youth Exchange in partnership with Mizoram Youth Commission (MYC).


We gladly accept people to help us with doing various jobs. We have a number of roles that require constant attention,  and managing. It is all thanks to our remarkable volunteers , who donate their precious time, and strenth that we manage to help the people in need, raise funds, make a better place for the youth.


Motivated by her own experiences, and determined to make a difference, Alinery returned to Mizoram in 2007 to address the first MYC Youth Summit, where she met many local students and visited a number of local youth institutions and coaching centres.
At the summit, Alinery launched a new social venture called ‘Rochun: Pay It Forward’, an initiative with two distinct, but linked, elements aimed at empowering the young people of rural Mizoram to escape poverty:

  • The first element is a programme of establishing libraries in high schools and rural communities across Mizoram, giving aspiring students of all ages the means to access basic education and supporting resources.
  • The second element is a leadership academy and consultation programme, providing young people in Mizoram with opportunities to connect with mentors, participate in international conferences and pursue further and higher education.

The Process

Why do we do it ?

It pains to see how frustrated and desperate young children in Mizoram are as a state because of the structural constraints in our educational, economic, and political systems. As a social entrepreneurs, we are therefore beyond excited, humbled and overjoyed with the positive response and interest shown in ‘Rochun: Pay It Forward’ as a vehicle for tackling some of these upsetting problems. We’ve built a strong foundation to start our collaboration and I hope that this ignites positive movement within the each one of us.”

Built Libraries

See More Libraries

With the help of many people’s donations, we were able to collect enough money for building libraries in several places…..

India, Sangau

Mangili Library at Sangau, Mizoram, India

More Info

India, Aizawl

Extension of Mangil’s Library Project, Mizoram, India

More Info

India, Champhai

For learning and developing for Bethel High School

More Info


ECOSOC Special Consultative Status

Rochun is in special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council since 2023.

Supporting the UN SDGs

Rochun is committed to 6 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations for the Agenda 2030. These are global priorities set by the U.N. to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

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