Pentecost Mission School, Narsingpur, West Bengal, India

(A) Pentecost Mission School is a Christian mission school that consists of Nursery to Class-IV (Planning to extend) among the tribes of Adivasi and Santhali, which are mostly Hindu, and the level of education is extremely low  among its population. The school has been running since 1996, and even though there have been considerable improvements, there are still rooms for improvement in English language skills and digital and internet fields. Receiving laptops from Labdoo help the students, teachers and the community in many ways. It helps the children to have a better tomorrow.

(B) Moreover, Pentecost Mission School is the recipient of the book donation project of Rochun: Pay It Forward and its partner Book Aid International. They have received hundreds of books, which is a big milestone for the students, teachers, and community as reading materials are extremely scarce in the region.

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