Mangil’s Library, Blue Mountain Higher Secondary School, Sangau, Mizoram, India

(A) Through collaboration with Labdoo and Wedu and as her pilot project, Alinery Lalngilneii Lianhlawng, the founder of Rochun: Pay It Forward established Mangili Library in her hometown, Sangau, Mizoram, India. The library was integrated as one important organ of Blue Mountain Higher Secondary School in Sangau, which is the only higher secondary academic institution in that village town. However, the library is open for use to the students and teachers of other academic institutions in Sangau area.  

Growing up in this community of underprivileged and remote region, Alinery remembers how she would collect papers for note-books in an exchange of spicy-salty water she herself made. When it was difficult to even buy exercise/note books, buying text books and novels was out of question. Till today, many students still use old secondhand books passed down from their older siblings and relatives. To stop and prevent future students struggling to access basic education and being stuck in poverty, this project introduced a library: a room to read with resources such as laptops and books needed by these students. The project also has a program called Critical Thinking class. The main focus of the academic curriculum is to foster English communication skills, critical thinking, problem-solving and strategies for life-long learning and leadership. 

(B) Blue Mountain Higher Secondary School is where Mangil’s Library is located. Through the collaboration with Book Aid International, Rochun: Pay It Forward was again able to donate hundreds of books to this school. The reading materials prove to be a treasure to the school and the community. Books are rare in this region of India. Moreover, the school is not able to afford such books to buy and transport them to its obscure and far-flung school compound. Hence, the students, staff and the community are able to get access to world level reading materials.

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