For Learning and Developing for Bethel High School, Champhai, India

(A) Bethel High School, Champhai, India is a public school, whose students are not from financially comfortable family background. It is the first time that the school owned a laptop. Rochun: Pay It Forward through its collaboration with Labdoo organization provided electronic resources to these children, who do not even own their own computers. This project aims at extending children’s opportunities of learning and gaining more knowledge through the dootronic provided by Labdoo and delivered by Rochun: Pay It Forward.

(B) For the second time, Bethel High School is the fortunate recipient of the projects Rochun: Pay It Forward and its partner Book Aid International receiving hundreds of books. The reading materials of the students are limited only to their textbooks. Since the school does not own a library, there is no chance that students find themselves engaging in useful books that will help their English language skills. Therefore, these books coming from UK are in great need of the school to start up their school library.

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