Rochun: Pay It Forward has been fulfilling its major goal that is to make academic and other kinds of books accessible to students from every corner in Mizoram by establishing a library, enhancement of existing and dysfunctional libraries through donation of large number of books and electronic devices, and by providing offline computer software that consists of all the important academic and non-academic resources. All these ongoing and future projects are made possible through partnership and collaboration with other selfless organizations, interested parties, and individuals.

Library projects

Mangil’s Library

Sangau, Mizoram, India

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Extension of Mangil’s Library Project, Tanhril

Mizoram, India

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For Learning and Developing for Bethel High School

Champhai, India

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Bridging the Digital Empowerment

Dantu, India

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Pentecost Mission School

Narsingpur, West Bengal, India

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Lairam Higher Academy of Science

Lawngtlai, India

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Learn more about the Mangil's Library project

Mangil’s Library is a project under Wedu Rising Star Special Project in which there is a financial assistance for construction project back to Alinery’s community at Sangau, Mizoram, India. Hailed in a border village in Myanmar and India, Alinery was the very first female to study abroad from her community and the only person from her family to enter university. Growing up in this community of underprivileged and remote region, she remember how difficult it was to buy even exercise/note books and buying course books or novels were out of questions. Even now, many students in local medium often use old books pass down to them by their siblings or relatives. To stop and prevent future students struggling with access to basic education and being stuck in poverty, our project will introduce a library: a room to read with resources needed for these students to grow, learn and develop.

Watch our introduction video:

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 18.03.48

Watch our introduction video:

The project will also have a program called Critical Thinking class. We hope to enhance culture of reading by providing and training these students to explore readings beyond their current courses’ book and foster student’s love of reading and as a result boost their academic achievement overall. The class will also focus on fostering English communication skills, critical thinking, problem-solving and strategies for life-long learning and leadership. Since the school is not in the position to run the library and have books on their own, just providing the library building will not help the school. Therefore, the project will include creating a functioning library by installing bookshelves, books, tables, chairs and one computer to maintain and record books. The funding is mainly for the construction of the library building, and collection of books and laptops would be entirely based on contribution from people’s goodwill as well as organizations. Together with willing international volunteers we will be there in the side for two months doing the project. We would like to start with introducing laptop project to these students first and after spread it to many other schools that never had access to laptops in their community. We are working with LABDOO, a collaborative humanitarian social networks that provides and brings used laptops along with educational tools to the most needed schools and students with zero-funding involved in the process.


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